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Are you moving? Find that perfect house in central Perth, but now you're wondering how to get all your stuff there? Do you have something valuable and breakable that you don't want to take chances when transporting? Is there an heirloom you can't find a place for in your new home?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of those questions, then you're in the market for professional removalists. Your search is over because you need to look no further than Royal Removalists Perth.

Here are just some of the services we can provide:

  • Pre-packing and unpacking

  • Transfer of materials

  • Select packaging materials for breakables

  • Insurance protection

  • Climate-controlled storage solutions

Royal Removalists Perth provides solutions for residential moving and packing needs. We'll conduct a thorough pre-packing examination, so we know if there's anything you have that has special requirements or needs particular arrangements. We'll transport your belongings in special, reinforced containers that can take a lot of abuse and protect your valuables.

If you're a commercial or business client, our removalists have unique services on offer for you. We have special procedures in place for any industrial gear transported around Perth. We also have a suite of IT specialists that can safely carry electronic equipment such as servers, desktops, and other more sensitive electronics. We also provide the same quality of service and related functions that you'd get if you were a home customer.

If you don't have a place to keep your things in the new location, you could also take advantage of the storage facilities Royal Removalists Perth provides. With us, you get guaranteed climate-controlled environments, so you never have to worry about humidity or pests damaging your valuables.

We have security 24/7 to make sure that only people you authorize can see your items. Finally, we also only charge you for the space you use, so no extra fees if you don't have a lot of things in storage. Best of all, Royal Removalists Perth will not only provide you with high-quality services but also with courtesy and professionalism. Our workers and staff will not only do their jobs but will also be happy to answer your questions.

We'll also take any special instructions you have, such as which items you want put under special care. We use special polymers and materials if there are items that are fragile or have an unusual shape. Most containers for transport come in standard forms, and they're good for most objects.

However, there are times when the type of an item is unusual, and it requires special arrangements to avoid damage during transport. With our pre-packing process, we'll determine these things and prepare for them accordingly.

Our storage facilities and office are both in the heart of Perth, so if you're looking for removalists, we're easy to find. Don't hesitate to call us or visit our offices, even if you're just going to inquire about our rates. You'll never find a more potent combination of value, price, and courtesy than Royal Removalists Perth.

Your valuables deserve only the best. Let us make the process of moving easier for you today.

Happy Testimonials

My house moving was so easy having a team of trained and experienced removalists by my side throughout the entire process. I can definitely recommend Royal Removalists Perth if you want some great professional assistance in your moving needs.

Luke Patane

Perth’s best removalists without a doubt. So thorough in everything that they did with great attention to detail. The servicemen worked both efficiently as well as professionally. They were extremely pleasant and very easy to deal with. 5 star service.

Richard Pasan

The removal team at Royal Removalists Perth reliable arrived on time and were very swift in their removal and delivery service. They took the maximum amount of care to all of our belongings. They worked as a strong and we certainly cannot fault them at all.

Chris Walcott

Previous moves with other removalists in Perth has left us with a number of broken items, as well as damaged furniture, and a lot of mess. This move was much smoother than any previous experience and nothing was broken at all. We strongly recommend them.

Ann Breally

Our house move was initiated, organized and completed within in one week. Everyone we dealt with provided a lot of assistance, taking care of everything. They even followed up with us after the move was complete to ensure that I was happy with the service.

Tristian Young

No hesitation in recommending Reoyal Removalists Perth. All of our belongings were looked after very well and the entire moving process was a breeze. Whenever we had a problem they sorted it out for us right away. Thanks.

Hannah Seal

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