Bulk/Heavy Goods

Heavy objects can be a pain to move around.

The weight makes it a challenge even to lift it from its current position. The shape of the object or furniture might make it awkward to carry, even if you've got the numbers to handle the job. The heavy thing might be impossible to get through doorways – which makes you wonder how they got in.

When dealing with heavy or bulky items, call up professionals to do budget removals.

As experts in furniture removals Perth, here are just some of the items that we can help you move around:

  • Pianos

  • Pool or snooker tables

  • Gym equipment

The above list is only partial but shows that we can handle large and bulky objects. Our crews can lift them up, pack them safely, and make sure they get to your destination intact. As one of the best removal companies Perth, we take pride in how well we do this.

What we do is create a detailed plan to tackle the object.

The first step is to make sure moving it is possible, which will involve going over to the current location and taking a look around. We'll also be prudent and look at the destination.

Once we have that, our professionals can start on the process of figuring out how to get it in and out, and in again, without damage. Our professional Gumtree removalists will take care of things like packing materials and containers.

Our budget removals service will even take care of the heavy lifting, positioning it in your new location for you!

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