Antique Removals

Antiques are valuable, either because they're so rare or because of sentimental value. However, what makes them valuable also makes them tricky to pack and move.

When dealing with antique removals, be sure to consult professional removals Perth – or high-quality storage Perth solutions, if you don't plan on bringing them to your new location.

When packing antiques, there are three basics.

Bubble wrap is a primary tool, from cheap removals to the best furniture removalists Perth. Using bubble wrap is a good way to protect things that have an irregular shape, such as sculptures.

They're also great after moving – kids and adults alike have lost hours of time popping bubble wrap.

After that, boxes are a major consideration.

Not every antique will neatly fit into a standard box, though. A sculpture might have an odd shape. A painting can have proportions that aren't quite right. Don't get us started on modern art or some of the most unusual knickknacks out there.

For such items, you need specialised containers – things that only removal companies Perth can provide.

Strong tape is a good thing to keep around.

Tape can be used in conjunction with bubble wrap to limit the range of movement an object has so that it can be transported with minimal risk.

Finally, to make sure nothing happens, you need a professional touch.

Just put a person that's doing antique furniture removals Perth is going to need experts to handle the most sensitive parts. Antiques can be a challenge to pack and move, and there is a high chance of damage if even the smallest thing ends up wrong.

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