Moving Tips

Are you moving interstate or just to a different part of your hometown? Here's some great advice for making the process easier and less of a hassle. Start with the obvious: when moving house Perth, pack an overnight bag with the essentials.

You won't have the time to unpack everything right away. Make sure you have something that has enough of what you need – from toiletries to a change of clothes to chargers for your electronics – so you don't have to go digging through the boxes. Use clothing to wrap breakables. This trick will save you the cost of bubble wrap during your Perth removals.

Clean socks are ideal for stuffing hollow spaces, like glasses or mugs. It also doubles as a way to keep them from breaking while you're moving. Label the boxes. Don't stop there, either. Make it easier for furniture movers by labelling what room to place the boxes.

Fun fact: if you pack your plates vertically, they're less likely to break. If you're packing small parts, sandwich bags are a good idea. With some sticker labels, you can better organise things like cords, components, and wires while doing budget removals.

Professional help is a must when dealing with larger parts or things. This advice is particularly the case for moving to another state or if you've got stuff that's unorthodox in shape, like a sculpture. Cheap interstate removalists have access to special containers and materials for such occasions.

Beer boxes have handles on the sides – which makes them excellent for packing books! If you're like most people, one of the things about unpacking that you dread putting electronics back together. Does this wire go here? Is this for the TV or something else? The best way to avoid the guessing game is to take pictures before you take things apart, so you have a manual on how to put them back together.

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