Self Storage

Moving house Perth and don't have enough room for all of your things? Then you need our storage Perth solutions! What we offer are top class storage facilities. Our storage areas are environments that minimise things like humidity and dust, keeping items inside in pristine condition. Whether you lack the space in your new home or simply need to make room for new things, our storage Perth is ready.

The storage space available varies in size. Some of it is just three cubic metres, but others can go as high as a hundred. Whatever the size or amount of belongings, you'll find the space you need. If you aren't sure how much you need, that's not a problem. We have experts who can make estimates based on a quick inspection of what you want to store. You'll have no trouble with budget removals to storage.

For security, you get your lock and security code. That arrangement means that you can access our facilities any time you need, but no one else can. You control access to your things. For added safety, our facilities have 24-7 guards and CCTV monitors. Our guards patrol the area, and we have eyes on every inch of space, making sure no one that hasn't been authorised can get in.

Of course, there will come a time when you decide to pull your things out of storage Perth. When the time arrives, we'll supply you with sturdy boxes so you can pack your stuff in as secure a container as our storage facilities.

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