Storage is a solution to a common problem – the new house you're moving to isn't big enough for all of the stuff from the old one. Removalists can move the essentials and position them, making the most of the available space, but sometimes it just isn't feasible.

Fortunately, Royal Removalists Perth provides both moving services and the storage space for what you can't take with you. Based in Perth, our facilities offer open stack storage, secured in a pest-free environment with security personnel available. We'll store anything there that you ask, as long as it isn't perishable. Whether it's a carton of personal knickknacks to a house worth of furniture and items, we can handle it.

Royal Removalists Perth also charges you only for the space you use, so you're not paying anything more than you use.You can access the location at any time during our operating hours if you're inclined to check on the status of your things.

To help with your peace of mind, Royal Removalists Perth also has insurance. If the item is damaged or lost due to our neglect or fault, we will compensate you.We cover these things whether they're in storage, in transit between locations, or during the packing process. We know it won't make up for losing something valuable or with great personal value, but we are aware it helps in some small way.

Our storage facilities use customized wrapping, using heavy-duty plastic wrap and cartons. These custom wrappings is suitable for objects of unusual shape, which don't quite fit neatly into standard containers. Our removalists and storage areas also have containers designed for handling the more personal or sensitive of materials. We use these for items such as works of art or expensive valuables, keeping out dust, pests, and the elements.

The facilities have security 24/7, keeping any unauthorized personnel out.Each unit has climate control, to minimize the risk of humidity and other environmental factors damaging your belongings.

Royal Removalists Perth also has protection systems against fire, along with the standard suite of anti-theft alarms. Your items are well-protected.

Naturally, we keep everything labeled and noted using a detailed inventory process to make sure nothing is lost or misplaced. Our storage facilities are the best in the metropolitan Perth area, and few companies that provide the same level of security for the price that we do. Don't hesitate – if you need to store your belongings, Royal Removalists Perth is your best choice!

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